Volunteer Organizations

There is nothing stronger than the heart of a volunteer –

Lt. General James Doolittle

Many trade associations and nonprofits are run by volunteers with limited terms. With new terms, comes new board members looking to hit the ground running. SMarketingATL is the constant within the change. We partner with trade associations like Healthcare Financial Management Association (hfma) to ensure a consistent marketing program.  New board members can begin terms with the confidence that their marketing infrastructure is solid and ready to support their initiatives.

Services Include

  • Presentation creation, assessment and review
  • Email signature creation
  • Logo or theme creation for new term
  • Annual marketing plan creation & execution
  • Event management (online and in-person events)
  • Meeting management *Online conference included
  • Promo ordering and inventory management
  • Travel management
  • Website building and maintenance
  • Digital Marketing
  • President and Board Executive coaching
  • Public Relations

Tell us your budget, and we will submit a proposal.